‘Pizza for Good’ #QuotableMondays: Rocco DiSpirito says ‘Cooking is the Answer’ [VIDEO]

Pizza for Good by Will Pollock

“How would you like to be a better parent? Or a better citizen?” Rocco DiSpirito asks pointedly in an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning. It was a compelling segment on the myriad reasons to cook fresh and at home, and since Pizza for Good, at its core, is about making America’s favorite food at home, his thoughts resonated greatly.

“That take-out pizza you order every night? It’s costing us some real dough.” Amen, we say—amen! Whether you buy PFG for the recipes or to host your own party for charity, consider making your next meal out of locally sourced ingredients at home. The impact is less on your world, and greater on your family. 😉

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