‘New York Delhi’ – a PFG Original Video Recipe

Pizza for Good by Will Pollock


A few friends recently visited Tabla, a new Indian restaurant in Midtown Atlanta, and reported having naan with cheese on it. Naturally, a lightbulb went off over my head! The result is “New York Delhi”—an easy, non-yeast, pizza version of classic Indian bread.

After hitting the Google for some easy-peasy naan recipes, I settled on one from Veg Recipes of Indian, created by a great husband-and-wife team of bloggers. They go in to great detail on how to make stove-top naan without yeast. Follow that recipe to the letter, but use this combination of topping ingredients (about 1 tbsp of each – use onion seeds if you can find them):

– dried, chopped garlic
– caraway seed
– poppy seed
– taragon
– onion powder
– pinch of kosher salt


– after following the recipe above, and while the dough is rising, mix all ingredients in a…

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