Roasted Red Pepper Coulis (Tamarindo, Costa Rica)

While we’re visiting Costa Rica, I decided to take advantage of the superb produce here to make a chunky red-pepper sauce for the family.

– 4-5 medium red peppers, ripe and ready
– 2 cloves garlic, chopped very coarse
– juice and essence of one lemon
– salt and cracked pepper to taste


– roast the red peppers on high heat on an outdoor BBQ until black and charred. let sit to cool on a plate or a sealed paper bag – about 10 minutes.
– remove the charred skin, separate and remove seeds from inside; chop off end and either compost or discard the unusable portions. cut into chunks and place in a blender or food processor with a pulse feature.
– sautee garlic in EVOO on medium-high heat until golden. add to blender.
– squeeze the juice of one lemon in the blender; add salt and pepper and pulse until chunky-smooth.
– adjust the salt, pepper and lemon to taste.

Serve on salad or spread on sandwiches!



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